Dare to Eat 

A 25-day online program to help you get free of the diet-mindset-food-crazies. To help you finally get normal with food. To help you say good-bye to dieting forever with confidence.

Are you tired of starting diet after diet, only to regain every last pound every time?

Do you feel like food runs your life? Do you go in for one cookie and suddenly find yourself holding the empty bag, wondering what the hell just happened?

Are you tired of starting diet after diet, only to regain every last pound every time?

Do thoughts of food haunt you to the exclusion of every other wonderful thing in life? Do you ever wonder what you could be doing with that time if your diet wasn’t a full-time job??

Yeah, that was me too – until I stopped dieting for good and dared to eat…as much as I wanted, when I wanted, without guilt, and in total freedom.

I didn’t learn to do this overnight, though. I had to learn the skills of normal eating because I’d been ignoring my appetite and food desires for so long. It took a long time as I muddled through all the advice of Health at Every Size® and the non-diet approach of intuitive eating.

And that’s why I created this class — to save you from all that muddling and get you on your way to a life free of food preoccupation restricting, binge-eating, and weight worries.


This program is for you if you: 

  • struggle with learning how to eat normally
  • like to read and ingest knowledge in bite-sized chunks
  • are ready to do a little bit of work each day to further your progress

In this course, you will learn to:

  • ditch diet-mind for good
  • tune into your hunger and fullness
  • eat more intuitively
  • address overeating and binge eating
  • deal with negative thoughts around food and your body
  • …and more!

I am in recovery from binge eating but at one point, my eating patterns started to resemble a diet. I knew diets didn’t work and I needed a balanced approach to eating. This is exactly what the course gave me. I now have the tools to put food in its proper place while enjoying it to its fullest.


This course was perfect for me! The daily emails introduced small incremental changes that built my eating awareness without being overwhelming. The coaching calls were a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from others’ experiences. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to ditch dieting and learn to listen to body cues! 

Dare to Not Diet e

This isn’t another diet or weight loss plan. This is about healing your relationship to food and your body. You’ll learn the skills you need to do those things, and you’ll practice them a little bit every day.

What people are saying about Dare to Eat

I’ve designed the program for busy people who don’t have more than 10-20 minutes in their day to devote to this process. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of consistent effort, you’ll be rewarded with some amazing results when it comes to your eating.

You’ll get an e-mail daily for 25 days which that walks you through the process of ditching diet, normalizing your eating, and accepting your body. 

Each e-mail contains vital information and a hands-on activity where you actually get to practice the mindful eating skills you need to get free of the diet mindset and eat normally. The activities are simple and often a part of something you already do every day – like eating!

Top notch course! This was a very interesting course. Made me stop and think about issues that I hadn’t considered before. The exercises were easy to incorporate into my daily life. I feel very confident that I can continue on with them and the other lessons that I learned. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to stop their endless cycle of dieting and learn to embrace their true self.


The first thing I loved about the course is that it was very well put together and I could tell a lot of time and thought had been put into the progression and format. It made sense.  When it comes to courses and educational programs, being a teacher has given me high expectations and a good sense for when something has been crafted and well thought out. As far as this course was concerned, I was completely impressed!


Launching again soon! 

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